RF97 DRN132S4/C

Marka: Sew Eurodrive

Model Numarası: RF97 DRN132S4/C

Garanti: 12 ay
Teslimat Seçenekleri: Standart, Hızlı Teslimat

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Helical geared motor

Speed ??50Hz [r / min]: 1464/73
Total translation [i]: 20,14 / infinity
Ma max [Nm]: 2610
Output torque 50Hz [Nm]: 725
Service factor SEW-FB: 3.60
Type IM: M4
Position of terminal [°] / Cable entry: 270 (T) / normal
Lubricant / quantity [l]: CLP 220 Miner.Öl / 14,00
Corrosion protection: Yes
Surface protection: OS1, according to technical data sheet 01802__94
Color coat: top coat RAL7031 (blue gray)
Output shaft end: 60x120mm lg.
Flange: 350mm
Bleed valve: stainless steel version
Documentation No. A: 25803522
Parts list: 012621096
Motor power [kW]: 5.5
Motor frequency [Hz]: 50
Duty cycle S1-S10: S1
Voltage range [V]: 220-230 delta / 380-400 star
Rated current [A]: 18.20 / 10.50
cos phi: 0.84
Schematic: R13 / 680010306
Thermal class [° C] / type of protection [IP]: 155 (F) / 55
International efficiency class: IE3
at 50/75/100% Pn [%] 90.1 / 90.4 / 89.6
CE mark: Yes
Fan cowl element: C = protective roof
VIK version: Engine (s) largely correspond to the
VIK Recommendation 1; Three-phase asynchronous
Motors Edition 2011
Note: Motor constructive according to type of protection
Non Sparkking "Ex nA". Drive is not
suitable for use in zone 2.
Terminal box: Terminal box base made of ALU with
Threaded hole 2xM32, 1xM16
Terminal box dimension: CAUTION: Terminal box dimension is
deviating from the catalog measurement sheet
KLK locking screws: KLK locking screws made of metal
Grounding terminal: With grounding terminal on the stator
(HF / NF-ground)
Bearing A-side: DIN625 6308-2RS-C3,
synth. grease, DIN51502 KE2N-40
Bearing B-side: DIN625 6207-2RS-C3,
synth. grease, DIN51502 KE2N-40
Documentation No. A: 24745324
Nameplate: German
1st TS set / position: 180 °
Operating instr. A Language / number: German
Statistical commodity code: 85015220
Net weight [KG]: approx. 175 / ST 175 / Pos

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