Type: C 310-BO with display

Marka: Kimo

Model Numarası: Type: C 310-BO with display

Garanti: 12 ay
Teslimat Seçenekleri: Standart, Hızlı Teslimat

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Multifunction transducer
which adapts to their measuring requirements.

Optional are the following measurements with the
corresponding modules / probes such as.
Differential pressure, air velocity, volume flow,
rel. Humidity, dew point, temperature, CO2, CO
and air pressure (barometric pressure) possible.
Likewise, over the pressure signal with
the SQR / 3 function (optional) the air velocity,
the flow rate is shown on the display and as
analog signal to be processed further.
Technical specifications:
Power supply: 24 V AC / DC
Analog outputs: 2 x 0 / 4-20 mA or 2 x 0 / 5-10V
(Optional: 4 x 0 / 4-20 mA or 4 x 0 / 5-10V)
Relay outputs: 4 x change-over contacts 5A / 230V (optional)
REPL. Print modules incl. Temperature input
(+/- 100 Pa, 500 Pa, 1000 Pa, 10,000 Pa optional)
Optional: Interface for RS485 Modbus protocol
and Ethernet networks. Please note when ordering,
the Ethernet interface can not be retrofitted.
Housing: IP 65 ABS housing with stainless steel front
Operating temperature: -10..bis + 50 ° C
All settings of the transmitter
can be performed by keypad on the device
or (optionally) via the parameterization software
LCC-S fast and easy from the laptop.
Delivery: with wall bracket and adjustment certificate
Tariff No .: 90330000
Art.-No .: 56-24410

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